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reverence / почтение, благоговение, почтительность
имя существительное
reverence, respect, respects, honor, esteem, homage
awe, reverence, veneration
respectfulness, reverence, complaisance
esteem, honor, worship, revere, respect, reverence
respect, esteem, honor, regard, revere, reverence
имя существительное
deep respect for someone or something.
rituals showed honor and reverence for the dead
regard or treat with deep respect.
the many divine beings reverenced by Hindu tradition
The overall appearance of the sculpture is one of elegance and reverence reflecting the dignity of the memorial.
Respect, honour and reverence for the Lord are the beginning of wisdom; those who act accordingly have a good understanding.
That's why many view the law of the river with nearly biblical reverence .
When I got there in my family's carriage, Jean-Luc, my family's driver, helped me put down my baggage and I said my goodbyes to him, and he made a brief reverence and went back home.
His enthusiasm and commanding personality enabled him to influence greatly the work of many of his juniors, so that they came to reverence him as the founder of their careers.
In Spain, the dance is done to reverence the Blessed Sacrament, a consecrated wafer used in Communion.
rituals showed honour and reverence for the dead
All of this solemnity had the effect of devitalizing Potter's work, prematurely shrouding it with all the cobwebs of respectability and reverence .
They were able to persuade people that Stonehenge should be a place of reverence and respect, and to deal with the tiny group of people who felt compelled to climb up the stones without creating a riot.
Cultural strain remains greatest in Japan, where concepts of brain death remain unacceptable to many people and traditional attitudes to death reverence the body and its transformation into a new ancestor.