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reverberate / отражаться, реверберировать, отражать
reflect, reverberate, echo, glance, glass, stamp
reverberate, reverb
reflect, represent, mirror, repel, reverberate, repulse
affect, manipulate, react, reverberate, take
melt, fuse, liquate, flux, run, reverberate
(of a loud noise) be repeated several times as an echo.
her deep booming laugh reverberated around the room
The explosions in New York and Washington on September 11 continue to reverberate around the globe.
She called, listening to her voice echo and reverberate through the clay rooms.
No longer do the Middle Eastern deserts reverberate to the sound of Australian helicopters.
oft did the cliffs reverberate the sound
Simply, interconnected stories told in an honest and forthright manner touch readers in ways that continue to reverberate long after the book is put down.
The fallout continues to reverberate through the media, the political sphere, and has forced a discussion on the state of the culture.
Neither of us speak for a moment; the lively chords of the song in the background reverberate off the walls.
oft did the cliffs reverberate the sound
And unlike most real estate busts, this one will reverberate around the world.
The insurance implications of the attack continue to reverberate around the world.