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revenue / доход, годовой доход
имя существительное
income, revenue, earnings, proceeds, profit, yield
годовой доход
annual income, revenue
имя существительное
income, especially when of a company or organization and of a substantial nature.
It would allow De Cairos to keep control of the company and at the same time would allow it to raise substantial revenues .
The disappearance of this revenue source has had its predictable effect on financial figures.
Then look at the figures for revenue that your government collect in tax from pharmaceutical companies.
The volcano has destroyed what little we had, and revenue must be collected to run the county.
Or does that go too far and ignore the substantial revenue and employment the arts industry generates?
He said the Government had demanded recommendations be ‘ revenue neutral’ for the Commonwealth.
In Canada the negative consequences for public health and tax revenue are now well documented.
As it is, there is a lack of confidence about Government revenue projections.
The deficit morass is due as much to a revenue shortfall as excessive spending.
Financially, colleges responded to revenue shortfalls by laying off workers and downsizing operations.
And if as a result of the new patents, the revenue gets a five million leva boost, who cares?