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revengeful / мстительный
имя прилагательное
revengeful, vindictive, vengeful, avengeful
имя прилагательное
eager for revenge.
Vindictive, unforgiving and revengeful , Susan did her utmost to make certain the only other woman remaining in the contest wouldn't win.
Rules exist to be violated, so that the ‘bastard’ may be more violently characterized and the audience engaged in revengeful fury.
Turning on the shower until the water was steaming hot, and the spray felt like needles, Deb stepped inside, and let the murderous, revengeful feelings scour her.
As a result, Langley has a revengeful trait of character and a mercenary streak.
I am very proud, revengeful , ambitious, with more offences at my beck than I have thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape, or time to act them in.
For know that I am proud and revengeful and lascivious, and I prate even as thou.
Could the devil be working through the revengeful gravedigger, or had the wine master simply added too many chemicals by mistake?
But I do think he is a man who bears a grudge, who is a man who is vindictive and revengeful and, I have to say, so does Mr Burton.…
She could almost hear some revengeful opponent state triumphantly ‘Checkmate,’ as the neat graph of her life crumbled.
The most revengeful way to humiliate a family against whom disputes are pending is to subject the womenfolk in that family to crimes that rob them of their honour and dignity and bring them disrepute.
People do not have to accept a jealous, revengeful God who destroys enemies, kills women and children, and imposes punishment on generations.