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revelatory / разоблачительный
имя прилагательное
revealing something hitherto unknown.
an invigorating and revelatory performance
Here Maguire is at her most perceptive, most articulate and most revelatory .
This is a fascinating story, revelatory of the ways of Washington and one of Washington's major players.
The previously unseen footage is equally revelatory .
To say it has been a revelatory experience would be an understatement.
It is a positively revelatory experience that mere listening or score-reading cannot provide.
Most mediums are women, many of whom become mediums after a crisis or revelatory experience.
But the big news of the production is Bill Irwin's revelatory performance as George.
It isn't the revelatory experience which was White Lilies Island.
At Zander a week later, the experience was revelatory in a different way.
But in the hands of a master, the altered perceptions can be not only revelatory but joyous.