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revel / упиваться, наслаждаться, пировать
revel, lap, glory, drink in
enjoy, relish, delight, savor, revel, take pleasure in
feast, revel, banquet, make merry, junket, carouse
имя существительное
revels, revelry, carousal, junket, buster, revel
fun, gladness, gaiety, joy, cheer, revel
буйное веселье
devilment, revel
имя существительное
lively and noisy enjoyment, especially with drinking and dancing.
Meet the party girls whose revels raised £70 for Keighley Disabled People's Centre.
enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing.
a night of drunken reveling
Our revels resulted in a stupid prank that made other people respond to a lie.
Though Margaret Mary reveled in the pleasure of no longer being bedridden, life at home had become truly miserable.
And scores of revellers queued in the snow to join in the celebrations in packed pubs and clubs in the town centre.
The revels originated years ago as a bank holiday festival for men who worked in the local quarries.
Although I still have a lot to learn, I am revelling in the pleasures that my newfound blogger friends bring me.
In his heyday, he certainly rubbed shoulders with all the top players, and had a ringside seat at some of Hollywood's wilder revels .
Not 3 weeks ago you were revelling in how you had gained a probable vote from someone who had thought you a Labour candidate.
The crowd reveled and gyrated in their seats, the cheers reaching ear-cracking levels.
The grand balls of St Petersburg in 1914 looked like the revels of the Bourbons in late 18th century Paris with women in costume wigs and men in grand uniforms.
The play is very funny and the ten member cast revelled in the comical situations.