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reveal / раскрывать, открывать, показывать
disclose, reveal, open, unfold, uncover, open up
open, uncover, discover, reveal, unfold, start
show, indicate, display, reveal, exhibit, present
имя существительное
revelation, reveal, afflatus, apocalypse
exposure, disclosure, revelation, denunciation, reveal, denouncement
fourth, quarter, reveal, rabbet
make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others.
Brenda was forced to reveal Robbie's whereabouts
имя существительное
(in a movie or television show) a final revelation of information that has previously been kept from the characters or viewers.
the big reveal at the end of the movie answers all questions
either side surface of an aperture in a wall for a door or window.
A flush finishing metal door/window frame is provided for a reveal of an opening in a wall that has a pair of oppositely positioned wall board sheets.
reveal the picture bit by bit
the clouds were breaking up to reveal a clear blue sky
Lush jungle sweeps by at arm's length, breaking occasionally to reveal lakes, mountains and ships.
Every week promised a new pairing, a bitter feud, and a shocking reveal (usually in the last few minutes) that changed everything for the characters.
Hastie was previously reluctant to reveal details of the contracts until he was sure the company had a secure future.
The reveal about his past is one of the greatest treats Mad Men has to offer this season.
Dawn broke to reveal the amazing sight of camp beds and sleeping bags almost encircling the All-England Club.
The plot is twist-heavy, and banks a lot of its punch on the big reveal at the end, which, while satisfying, is hugely predictable.
Careful inspection can reveal evidence of forced entry or different types of locks.
People as well as objects may reveal the presence of the supernatural.