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revamp / починить, поправлять, ремонтировать
fix up, set right, revamp
correct, better, mend, repair, rearrange, revamp
repair, fix, renovate, overhaul, recondition, revamp
ставить новую союзку
give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to.
an attempt to revamp the museum's image
имя существительное
an act of improving the form, structure, or appearance of something.
Some even whispered about a complete revamp of the organisation.
He had to worry about the price that he had to pay for charcoal, the cost of the iron he was about to use and the time it took him to forge any given item, even if it was a revamp of an older piece.
an attempt to revamp the museum's image
Geraldton's public transport system is undergoing a major revamp .
The 30 million revamp of Bolton's Market Hall has been given the final go-ahead.
Detailed plans for a £5.2 million revamp of a Shipley supermarket have been submitted to Council officials.
Posh person's bank Coutts is planning an image revamp in a bid to attract new money.
the show was a revamp of an old idea
an attempt to revamp the museum's image
the brand was given a $1 million revamp
Once the new Sonata hits the road, Hyundai wants to revamp its entire lineup.