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rev / оборот
имя существительное
turnover, turn, revolution, rev, turnaround, phrase
rotate, revolve, turn, roll, slew, rev
increase the running speed of (an engine) or the engine speed of (a vehicle) by pressing the accelerator, especially while the clutch is disengaged.
he got into the car, revved up the engine and drove off
имя существительное
a revolution of an engine per minute.
an engine speed of 1,750 revs
the book of Revelation.
Firmly strapped into the bucket seat next to Chris, in one rev of the engine and a massive cloud of dust, we were off, hurtling over rocks and ditches.
Drop into gear, rev the motor and release the clutch.
Increasing your activity will rev up your metabolism so you can burn more calories.
And these projects could take a long time to start up at a time when we need to rev up the economy quickly.
we need to rev up the economy
Having an auto obviously means you can't rev the engine, drop the clutch and set off with tyres squealing as you try for maximum acceleration off the line.
Off-stage event sketching will continue to rev up the young crowd.
Athens may be a year away but it's never too early to rev up the marketing bandwagon.
we need to rev up the economy
We were all nearly asleep when I heard the rev of a motor, the squeal of wheels.