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reunion / воссоединение, примирение, встреча друзей
имя существительное
reunification, reunion
reconciliation, conciliation, accommodation, propitiation, reunion, reconcilement
встреча друзей
имя существительное
an instance of two or more people coming together again after a period of separation.
she had a tearful reunion with her parents
He enjoyed an emotional family reunion with his son at an undisclosed location.
Roger and Liz are planning a family reunion of sorts.
When he was able finally to go home, the reunion with his father absorbed his energies.
the reunion of East and West Germany
Here are two real and affecting characters for whose reunion , at the ballet's climax, the choreographer made one of his most poetic pas de deux.
If so then keep Sunday, August 15 free, as we are organising a class reunion .
And on top of that, my 20th high school reunion is coming up in a few weeks.
the reunion of East and West Germany
TV reunion specials, do you love them or do you hate them?
They would have had their ten year reunion last year.