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returnee / вернувшийся, вернувшийся в свою часть, солдат, вернувшийся в свою часть
имя существительное
вернувшийся в свою часть
солдат, вернувшийся в свою часть
имя существительное
a person who returns, especially after a prolonged absence, in particular.
A returnee who is not in possession of valid Turkish travel documents is likely to be kept in custody for an in-depth interrogation (which is to be distinguished from the routine identity check on arrival).
These inquiries can take from several hours up to several days, during which time the returnee will be kept in custody.
Most left last year after U.N. officials started repatriating returnees driven out during the war.
It was crucial for these people to return to their lands before the beginning of the rains but the resettlement came too late for the returnees .
These refugees and returnees settled either in their home villages or in refugee camps.
I've never noticed a list of returnees on any memorial elsewhere.
The bad financial situation of William Clark and Samuel Curwen were exceptions for most returnees were wealthy.
These changes have been intensified by the influx of returnees to the region, many of whom, lacking access to livestock, have turned to farming as their only option.
In Boston returnees were thought to dominate the Boston Tea Assembly, a group that met every other week for dancing and card playing.
Eighteen of the thirty-seven returnees mentioned in this article were among the 308 individuals proscribed by the Banishment Act of 1778, which forbade them forever from returning to Massachusetts.