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return / возвращение, возврат, ответ
имя существительное
return, retrieval, comeback, restitution, repatriation, repayment
return, refund, recovery, recurrence, reclamation
answer, reply, response, return, replication, rejoinder
имя прилагательное
back, return, reverse, inverse, converse, opposite
return, come back, go back, get back, revert, be back
return, repay, restore, bring back, give back, reimburse
give, give away, return, render, give back, contribute
имя существительное
an act of coming or going back to a place or activity.
he celebrated his safe return from the war
a profit from an investment.
product areas are being developed to produce maximum returns
an official report or statement submitted in response to a formal demand.
census returns
election to office.
we campaigned for the return of Young and Elkins
a key pressed to move the carriage of an electric typewriter back to a fixed position.
come or go back to a place or person.
he returned to Canada in the fall
give, put, or send (something) back to a place or person.
complete the application form and return it to this address
yield or make (a profit).
the company returned a profit of 4.3 million dollars
(of an electorate) elect (a person or party) to office.
the Democrat was returned in the third district
A growing segment of our society longs for a return to traditional values.
Robben has given himself only a 10% chance of being fit in time for the return leg of their Champions League tie with Barcelona next week.
It was then that I realized that he might actually return your feelings for him.
Other than that, I found the continuing return of documentaries to the big screen one of the great positive developments of 2002.
His 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1999 is a record.
since their return from the games
It was the Herakleopolitan kings from Bahr Yusuf who restored order and stability as the Nile floods allowed the return of plentiful harvests.
On his return to Greece he resumed his work as Editor at the Archives of Folklore.
Commuter fares from the city centre to Raheny, for example, now 1.50 for a single, will increase to 1.55, while a 2.70 return will cost 2.80.
The 12th seed clinched the third set with a backhand return down the line.