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retrograde / ретроградный, отступательный, реакционный
имя прилагательное
reactionary, retrograde, retrogressive, conservative, right, white
имя существительное
retrograde, hunker, back number, troglodyte, slowcoach, fuddy-duddy
back down, retreat, digress, depart, recede, retrograde
двигаться назад
retrograde, retrogress
retreat, branch, branch out, branch off, secede, retrograde
имя прилагательное
directed or moving backward.
a retrograde flow
go back in position or time.
our history must retrograde for the space of a few pages
show retrogradation.
all the planets will at some time appear to retrograde
имя существительное
a degenerate person.
As a consequence, for several decades now, the only students being taught this old style are the retrogrades , the people who are holding out in some way.
Keep in mind that I crashed my car and got retrograde amnesia or something.
Rather, hers was a revivalism that could use indigenous culture, especially the Irish language, to expose the retrograde tendencies that persisted within Irish society.
Then turn the nuts on the suspending rods, so as to compress the springs just enough to give the platen a quick retrograde motion; observing, at the same time, to get the surface of the platen parallel with the surface of the bed.
Speckle tracking in migrating cells with retrograde flow had turned out to be more challenging.
There are dozens of less retrograde travelers in whose hoofprints we will also be journeying, for whom the pleasures of Eastern travel were not so strictly identical with the sublime egotism of Western identity formation.
Morgan argues that forcing organization theory into lexicons, literal language and precise formulations is a retrograde step.
However, a retrograde feature is that the vehicle only has one airbag, almost uniquely on the Irish market.
American doctrinal thought exhibited a certain retrograde character during the years before the Civil War.
Mr Ancram called the company's decision to close the post office a retrograde step.
The larger impact sites have prompted speculation that collisions in Phoebe's past could have blasted off enough material to have formed Saturn's smaller retrograde moons.