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retrofitting / модифицировать
modify, retrofit
add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured.
drivers who retrofit catalysts to older cars
For a fee, you can take your old tank to a propane dealer for retrofitting with a new valve.
In October, 2001, GE proposed a solution: retrofitting 190 planes with a new oil pump over two years.
This innocuous uniform (seemingly more for corporate temp jobs than anything else), was ideal for retrofitting with a secret camera and hidden microphone.
Because of the amount of wiring involved, the work is best done while a house is under construction and the walls are open - retrofitting this much cable, unless you don't object to exposed conduit, can add considerably to the cost.
The construction involved retrofitting the War Memorial Building and linking it via an airbridge with a new building on Puke Ariki Landing.
In fact, their vertically oriented organizational structures, retrofitted with ad hoc and matrix overlays, nearly always make professional work more complex and inefficient.
It was an old Honda, retrofitted with an alcohol engine.
drivers who retrofit catalysts to older cars
Dealers who already own Case sprayers or other brands can have the nozzle system retrofitted .
There are many techniques depending on whether the home is under construction or being retrofitted to eliminate noise pollution.