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retriever / охотничья собака, охотничья поисковая собака, эвакуационный тягач
имя существительное
охотничья собака
hound, retriever, hunter
охотничья поисковая собака
эвакуационный тягач
имя существительное
a dog of a breed used for retrieving game.
Prior to the 1800s, European hunters maintained a large collection of dogs - pointers to locate the game; setters and retrievers to retrieve it; hounds to trail quarry over long distances.
a person or thing that retrieves something.
Unitarians saw themselves as the retrievers of a lost purity.
In appearance, the dogs took a number of forms; retriever sized long muzzled hounds, heavily built greyhounds, border collies, Alsatian crosses and some forms of ‘lap dog’, probably small mongrels.
The retriever looked indecisive, constantly bouncing forward to the house, but always stopping short of yanking the leash out of Gale's hand and running back to her side.
Lucy, the retriever , seems happily oblivious to everything that's happened and continues to chase after low circling birds.
I've lived in a second story apartment for the last 10 years, and we've had several dogs: one basset hound, two Rottweilers, and a flat coated retriever .
Hence, she crosses the boundaries between a retriever of ancient treasures and a finder of local Americana.
Others suggested that his service was little more than a résumé retriever - not the kind of in-depth service for which customers would pay top dollar.
She pushed Sampson's nose away as the retriever attempted to play with the frenzied bird in the girl's arms.
With its streamlined body and long legs, the Mudhol can beat any retriever or gundog from overseas.
The retriever sniffed with cautious curiosity at the doctor's legs, and Julien stood there, looking passively at the dog.
The retriever was stretched out on the back seat, and she wanted to impress upon the dog that he must remain there.