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retrieve / извлекать, вернуть, восстанавливать
extract, retrieve, derive, recover, benefit, withdraw
retrieve, replace
restore, recover, recuperate, repair, reconstruct, retrieve
get or bring (something) back; regain possession of.
I was sent to retrieve the balls from his garden
имя существительное
an act of retrieving something, especially game that has been shot.
In the trained retrieve , we show the dog how to be successful by first thoroughly teaching it what to do before we begin reinforcing the command "Fetch."
the possibility of recovery.
he ruined himself beyond retrieve
He had to retrieve his friend, and bring him back to Bruth and every one else who cared about him.
he made one last desperate attempt to retrieve the situation
he ruined himself beyond retrieve
Their strong friendship was beyond retrieve after the last two years.
I was sent to retrieve the balls from his garden
Many partially trained dogs tend to "claim the prey" and are reluctant to complete the retrieve because they want to keep it rather than delivering to you.
the police hope to encourage him to retrieve forgotten memories
He didn't want to bother trying to remember it, trying to sift through the last few sane portions of his mind and his memories to retrieve the name and the life it had led.
He is sent to Mexico to retrieve a rare pistol, nicknamed ‘The Mexican.’
At length, all hope was at an end; I was ruined beyond retrieve .