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retribution / возмездие, воздаяние, кара
имя существительное
retribution, retaliation, nemesis, reward, recompense, comeuppance
retribution, reward, requital, retaliation, oblation
punishment, judgment, retribution, scourge, penance, visitation
имя существительное
punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved.
settlers drove the Navajo out of Arizona in retribution for their raids
But fear of retribution may prevent the poor from exercising their informal and even legal rights.
People were free to criticize the government, without fear of retribution !
The sermon preaches Christian hope and faith rather than retribution .
According to media reports, the company, in retribution , then halted the payment of the workers' May salaries.
He also had to think about his credibility, which was too valuable to be squandered on gratuitous retribution .
Louis entered Dijon not to scenes of rebellion and retribution , but to one of proper submission and loyalty.
In thinking about ethical justice, we veer between the notions of forgiveness and retribution .
The lex talionus, or law of retribution , teaches that the punishment should fit the crime.
Laertes, Polonius' son, returns with a mob from Paris and demands retribution against Hamlet.
Minos threatened war against Athens in retribution for his son's death.