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retract / втягивать, втягиваться, отрекаться
draw, retract, pull in, rope in, rope into, web
get involved, retract
renounce, repudiate, deny, retract, disown, abdicate
refuse, deny, give up, waive, reject, retract
cancel, revoke, override, abolish, abrogate, retract
draw or be drawn back or back in.
she retracted her hand as if she'd been burned
Right now, only three months later, I would like to retract what I said.
There is, as it seems to me at least, nothing in that judgment which the court should now seek to vary, modify or retract , assuming that it were open to the court to do so.
The rear of the controller has a winding mechanism to retract the aerial, which when extended goes to about 45 cm.
Your Honours, I made some concessions either explicit or implicit on the last occasion which I wish to retract .
the parish council was forced to retract a previous resolution
If it is corrected before the player who revoked plays to the next trick, the opponent who played after the revoke may retract one's card and substitute another.
the parish council was forced to retract a previous resolution
Okay, I'm prepared to retract my original statement.
He said: "I do not retract what I have put in writing."
It would require a sudden transformation of forelimbs from a retractive , terrestrial, weight-bearing stroke to a depressive, protractive, aerial, thrust-generating stroke.