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retouch / ретушь, ретуширование
имя существительное
retouch, aftertouch
retouch, face
improve or repair (a painting, a photograph, makeup, etc.) by making slight additions or alterations.
Yes, of course he was: he was consulting the very portfolios and notebooks where those copies were kept, retouching his early paintings, and even going to the Louvre to copy as late as 1897.
I'm still using film, which I scan, retouch in Photo Shop, and print on an inkjet.
Adobe Photoshop was originally created as a convenient and powerful way to retouch photos.
Heartfield had a production team to cut, retouch , add type, and otherwise make the photomontages, which makes him more of an art director.
Thanks to its faster processor, consumers can retouch photos, talk with friends, and surf the Internet at the same time.
Sixty years before the Russian revolution, Abraham Lincoln credited a photographer with assisting in his electoral victory by retouching a portrait to shorten his neck and make him appear more youthful.
Distinctions between what is recreated, retouched and invented digitally are difficult to discern.
In three adjoining rooms, thousands of images are scanned, color-corrected, digitally retouched , and readied for Web distribution.
He instructed the marquise in drawing and sometimes retouched her engravings.
The answer is to have your portrait taken professionally, employing not only a photographer, but also a stylist, a make-up artist and a digital retoucher for good measure, thereby ensuring that you look absolutely divine.
Before opening Limelight, Ms. Gee had been a successful retoucher of color transparencies.