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retort / возразить, парировать, возражать
object, retort, raise an objection, rejoinder
parry, fend off, fend, counter, retort, fend away
mind, object, object to, protest, contradict, retort
имя существительное
retort, converter, body
objection, rejoinder, retort, answer, exception, protestation
резкий ответ
retort, smasher
имя существительное
a sharp, angry, or wittily incisive reply to a remark.
she opened her mouth to make a suitably cutting retort
a container or furnace for carrying out a chemical process on a large or industrial scale.
The smelters will require 25000 tons of charcoal per annum which will be produced in retorts supplied by the Belgium company, Lambiotte.
a glass container with a long neck, used in distilling liquids and other chemical operations.
Retorts are the most employed of any kind of distilling vessels in the practice of modern chemistry, having in England almost superseded the use of all others.
say something in answer to a remark or accusation, typically in a sharp, angry, or wittily incisive manner.
“No need to be rude,” retorted Isabel
repay (an insult or injury).
it was now his time to retort the humiliation
heat in a retort in order to separate or purify.
the raw shale is retorted at four crude oil works
Evelyn glared daggers at me, causing whatever sharp retort to vanish on the tip of my tongue.
Quin looked as though he might retort with some snide remark he was sure to regret, so Drake interrupted.
he was resolute to retort the charge of treason on his foes
I resisted the urge to retort
It takes every ounce of self-control that I have to not retort back with a scathing remark about what a fool she is.
Jake was about to retort with a very rude comment when pain flared up through his body, causing him to cry out.
Jamie was about to retort the remark made by someone behind Maddie but found her words stuck in her throat as that person slowly came into view.
she opened her mouth to make a suitably cutting retort
Tairo fought back the need to retort , feeling helpless and angry at the same time.
I bit my tongue to stop the sarcastic retort from leaving my mouth.