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retiring / скромный, застенчивый, склонный к уединению
имя прилагательное
modest, humble, frugal, small, unassuming, retiring
shy, timid, diffident, bashful, blushing, retiring
склонный к уединению
имя прилагательное
shy and fond of being on one's own.
a retiring, acquiescent woman
leave one's job and cease to work, typically upon reaching the normal age for leaving employment.
he retired from the navy in 1966
withdraw to or from a particular place.
she retired into the bathroom with her toothbrush
Toy was a quiet and retiring man focused on the local church and missions.
‘You have to be fairly resilient and not too much of a shy retiring type,’ explains Tamsin O'Brien, BBC Yorkshire's newly appointed Head of Programmes.
His tasteful interpretations never force the music into being something that it is not, and his temperament is well matched to that of the retiring and modest composer.
He was a very modest and retiring man and he was the sort of man who, as I say in the book, was easy to forget.
She wondered a little bit how such a delicate child - she had always been a child, all the long years that Isobel had known her - such a retiring girl could have raised a woman like Nixea.
He led a retiring life, first in his native Bordeaux, then from 1870 in Paris, and until he was in his fifties he worked almost exclusively in black-and-white - in lithographs and charcoal drawings.
A retiring disposition prevented him taking a prominent political role, but he is a good example of a late Victorian nobleman dedicated to university and municipal matters.
Mrs. Feeney must have been in a lot of pain for she was normally a retiring woman noted for her kindnesses.
Oliver's father tried mightily to bring his son out of his shy and retiring shell, but the violence they saw every day in the world around them resulted in the young boy retreating even further within himself.
A newspaperman wrote in 1839 that Springfield contained "a throng of stores, taverns, and shops. .. and an agreeable assemblage of dwelling houses very neatly painted, most of them white, and situated somewhat retiringly behind tasteful frontyards."