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retirement / отставка, уход на пенсию, выход в отставку
имя существительное
resignation, resign, retirement, dismissal, dismission
уход на пенсию
выход в отставку
имя существительное
the action or fact of leaving one's job and ceasing to work.
a man nearing retirement
the withdrawal of a jury from the courtroom to decide their verdict.
A room shall be provided by the sheriff of each county for the use of the jury upon their retirement for deliberation, with suitable furniture, fuel, lights and stationery, unless such necessaries have been already furnished by the county.
he lived in retirement in Miami
He had a few engagements before marrying his Florence and living quite happily ever after in fairy-tale retirement in Rapallo.
For twelve years he lived in retirement before joining the French army and taking part in the campaign of 1806-07.
He is enjoying an active retirement after many years of engineering and project management at Kaiser Engineering.
May she enjoy a long and happy well-earned retirement .
That way, you just might be able to live above the poverty line in your retirement !
Jim Morris is alive and well and living in retirement .
Following the instructions on damages, the Judge instructs the Jury on the handling of the evidence they have received and finally with regard to their duties in retirement and in the forms of verdict to be considered.
During the retirement of the jury, no officer of the court may discuss the case with any member of the jury or answer any question asked by a juror.
At the revolution he was deprived of his appointment and afterwards lived in retirement , principally at Clapham.
The general shop owner was near retirement and he was the first to close.