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retire / уходить, удаляться, уходить в отставку
go, leave, go away, get out, walk away, retire
retire, move away, retreat, recede, leave, withdraw
уходить в отставку
retire, resign, step down, demit, check out
leave one's job and cease to work, typically upon reaching the normal age for leaving employment.
he retired from the navy in 1966
withdraw to or from a particular place.
she retired into the bathroom with her toothbrush
имя существительное
a movement in which one leg is bent and raised at right angles to the body until the toe is in line with the knee of the supporting leg.
But many students are unable to retire their credit card balances before they enter the working world.
After the war ended in 1816, these taxes were repealed and instead a high tariff was passed to retire the accumulated war debt.
When your clients are running late on their payments, it is unlikely that they will be able to retire the entire balance in one payment.
After three days of courtroom arguments, the 12 men of the jury retire to decide if the boy is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.
What's more, she preferred her own bedroom to any other area of the house and would often retire there when visitors arrived.
The question here is whether a transfer of property that extinguishes the trust by merging the beneficial and legal interest can in any sense be said to retire a trustee.
lack of numbers compelled the cavalry to retire
lack of numbers compelled the British force to retire
Only the nobility were allowed to take part in jousting tournaments though Henry VIII had to retire from the sport as he was seriously injured in a jousting tournament in 1536.
Instead, Congress cranked up the printing press and called on the states to levy taxes to retire the bills.