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reticent / скрытный, сдержанный, умалчивающий
имя прилагательное
secretive, cagey, reserved, reticent, secret, close
restrained, discreet, reserved, restrain, moderate, reticent
reticent, silent
имя прилагательное
not revealing one's thoughts or feelings readily.
she was extremely reticent about her personal affairs
Precisely because many Ghanaians are reticent about expressing love, a special day dedicated to love is prized.
Turner was famously reticent regarding his private life.
Yet, although he may seem a bit reticent , he certainly is not a recluse.
Their performances are at once reticent and emotionally-charged.
Ten years and a lot of reticent memories after, their winding roads are finally coming to that familiar intersection once more.
He never wanted anything from life and was a quiet, reticent man not given to violence.
When it comes to looking for money from the government, technology business people are no more reticent than farmers, fishermen or teachers.
He was unusually withdrawn and reticent during that time, until suddenly, the more public horror of world events seemed to shock him out of it.
Of course, if gambling in groups doesn't appeal to your reticent nature, most of these games are also available in the single player mode.
In other respects, he is famously reticent , averse to showmanship and actually something of a camera-shy recluse.