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rethink / пересмотреть, пересматривать, передумывать
review, rethink, reconstruct
review, reconsider, revise, rethink, go behind
rethink, think better of, budge, change one's mind, alter one's mind
продумывать заново
имя существительное
revision, review, rethink, reconsideration, overhaul, reappraisal
think again about (something such as a policy or course of action), especially in order to make changes to it.
the government was forced to rethink its plans
имя существительное
a reassessment of something, especially one that results in changes being made.
a last-minute rethink of their tactics
New products may require a fundamental rethink of development resources and field staff skills.
the government was forced to rethink its plans
The Catherine Films underscores the need to reconceptualize Canadian national cinema and rethink Canadian film history.
Each year I learn new ideas and teaching approaches that encourage me to either rethink or reaffirm what I already do.
But if we're wrong, we'll have a rethink over where we place the articles.
He returns home to France to rethink who is he and to see if he has the strength to return to space.
a last-minute rethink of their tactics
I've had to rethink
The affair has provoked calls from teachers' unions for a rethink of the tests and the importance they are given in selecting teachers.
An urgent rethink is needed before a fatal blow is delivered to the credibility of electronic voting.