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retention / сохранение, удержание, удерживание
имя существительное
conservation, preservation, retention, maintenance, reservation, safekeeping
retention, deduction, detention, deterrence, stoppage
holding, retention, hold, refraining
имя существительное
the continued possession, use, or control of something.
the retention of direct control by central government
The most common rationale for war was acquisition or retention of territory.
Nearly all cases of exceptional memory are domain-specific, and retention of sequences or arrays of digits is the most common locus.
Once again, due to the tight labor market, a major challenge in 2000 will be in the area of staff retention , training and recruitment.
No-tillage is preferable because retention of previous crop residue is valuable for conserving soil moisture on minesoils, which tend to be droughty.
MuscleTech has thoroughly researched the ability of various nutrients to increase creatine retention in the muscles.
eating too much salt can lead to fluid retention
To conserve moisture or develop a xeriscape, a landscape requiring little water, it is essential to have soil with good water retention .
Previous experiences in similar fields have been found to affect academic performance and retention in college agricultural and non-agricultural programs to varying degrees.
Do you hold store in ‘knowledge’ or retention of facts as an identifier to intellectual ability?
Agricultural potential is limited by the high alkalinity of the soil and its poor water retention .