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retell / пересказать
tell (a story) again or differently.
Walker retells the history of the world from the black perspective
Doubtless some of the children who had memorised Perrault's ‘Red Riding Hood’ in their classrooms were able to retell the story verbatim to credulous tale collectors.
Younger generations will continue to learn from Friday Tembo as a father, an artist and a mentor, just as they will retell his stories of the way it is.
Varda begins to retell the story of Baudelaire's later life, and then reads his poems, using the images of neo-classical Paris, in the guise of the caryatids, to evoke the melancholy feelings created by the poetry.
Ancient vases and carvings tell the story of the war, but whether they are retelling myth or history remains unknown.
Her story is retold as a myth of origin for the nation, but not in any kind of straightforward way.
Her savior of the previous night had missed his cue in the dance, and the story was retold in a different version.
A differently important story is that of the novel's narrator, who improvises, discovers her mistakes, and retells a story that refigures the past but remains nonetheless historical.
Hogwarts retells the story of Harry's birth, fame, and miracle survival from Voltemart's rage.
Recently he has sent me an excerpt from a book by John Bushnell in which he retells the story as he heard it from other witnesses.
A teen boy, recently diagnosed with leukemia, retold the story of why he was hospitalized from his platelets' point of view.