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retard / замедлять, задерживать, тормозить
slow down, slow, retard, slacken, slow up, slack
delay, detain, stay, hold, retard, arrest
brake, inhibit, slow down, hamper, retard, backpedal
имя существительное
deceleration, retard, slowdown, retardation, moderation, delay
lag, lagging, retard, time-lag
lag, gap, arrears, retard, leeway, weakness
delay or hold back in terms of progress, development, or accomplishment.
his progress was retarded by his limp
имя существительное
a mentally handicapped person (often used as a general term of abuse).
But the coconut oil roast also leaves a layer of fat or oil on the outside surface of the nut to retard moisture migration and sogginess of the nut while the ice cream product is in the freezer case.
Restrictive legislation could retard the development of technology and slow the growth of electronic commerce.
A new gas-based fire-protection system has also been installed, which reduces the level of oxygen in the room to retard a fire.
Introducing wildlife preserves and adding 100,000 trees to retard the ongoing erosion, this project will also address water and flood management, along with urban planning.
Such gatekeeping makes no sense for genes expressed in fetal development or childhood, but genetic constructs that retard the onset of aging or protect us from adult cancers might come into play later in life.
More important, the backlash against genetically modified foods is fading as new studies ease fears about the health and environmental effects of such crops, though serious obstacles still retard their potential abroad.
Social scientists have been examining ways to increase community support for local agriculture and local foods and to retard the loss of agricultural space and renew our connection with the local agro-food system.
Iron deficiency can retard mental development and impair physical growth in children and adolescents and often leads to anemia, which is a deficiency of red blood cells.
It is shown that there is a direct relationship between spring retardment (Φ) and the neap to spring ratio.
However, other factors such as weak business confidence may be retarding investment at this time.