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retaliate / мстить, применять репрессалии, отплачивать
revenge, avenge, retaliate, take vengeance on, requite, revenge oneself
применять репрессалии
repay, pay, retaliate, pay back, requite, pay out
make an attack or assault in return for a similar attack.
the blow stung and she retaliated immediately
Cecil watched his opponent warily, ready to retaliate at the merest hint of an attack.
The tiger only learned to avoid people when their abilities to retaliate increased over the last two centuries.
I should have been prepared for her to retaliate and take revenge on me.
they used their abilities to retaliate the injury
Shaking the snow from his hair, Devon immediately moved to retaliate , bombarding Max with amazingly well aimed snowballs until he took refuge behind his father.
I had expected them to immediately retaliate with nasty comments.
they used their abilities to retaliate the injury
In the formulation presented here, if a firm cheats on a scheme to restrict output, the cheating is detected after one period of cheating, and other firms retaliate immediately.
Delia and Sam tried to stop him but he immediately got back up in attempt to retaliate .
Before he had time to retaliate or respond, she picked up her tray and retreated towards the door that led to the kitchen.