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retake / пересъемка, переснятый кадр
имя существительное
переснятый кадр
retake, redeal, relet
снова взять
take again, in particular.
имя существительное
a thing that is retaken, especially a test or examination.
I'll ask your math teacher and try to arrange for a retake of the test.
I have to retake my quiz tomorrow, if I come to school.
The scenes you did today were the only ones you guys had to retake .
Dan had to retake his driving test
I passed every single class on time, and I didn't have to go back and retake a single test.
That these four tracks were recorded live offers the listener an opportunity to hear this quintet in the raw, without the safety net of a producer demanding a retake .
But ‘Seems Fine Shuffle,’ which closes the set, is a fun retake on one of The Concretes' better tracks, and is what compilations like this are for.
Mirror was helping Geoff and Tara to construct a plan to retake the city.
Apparently, the first remastered DVD has been released already in Japan and this will be followed by a new DVD box set containing all 26 episodes, a retake of Episode 4 and special features.
The ground which the partisans retake is, of course, poisoned ground - an excellent symbol for the results of civil war.
But, because he did not retake his driving test, he was still banned.