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resuscitate / воскрешать, оживлять, оживать
resurrect, revive, resuscitate, recall, revitalize
animate, enliven, revive, quicken, brisk, resuscitate
come to life, revive, resuscitate, quicken
revive (someone) from unconsciousness or apparent death.
an ambulance crew tried to resuscitate him
While reflation does resuscitate the economy to an extent and lift consumer spending, consumers have a relentless tendency to take on even more debt in different forms.
George's writing is best viewed as an attempt to correct the flaws of classical political economy and to resuscitate it.
Xena quickly set Sabrina's body on the sand and began trying to resuscitate her.
In the endeavor to resuscitate Rome's art scene after World War II, few were more enterprising and none more precocious than Piero Dorazio.
They take his body aboard their spacecraft and proceed to try to resuscitate him, completely unaware of who he is.
Vigorous efforts were made to resuscitate him, but on examination he was found to be dead.
an ambulance crew tried to resuscitate him
measures to resuscitate the ailing economy
They tried to resuscitate William a little and gave him some water.
an ambulance crew tried to resuscitate him