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resurrect / воскрешать, воскресать, выкапывать
resurrect, revive, resuscitate, recall, revitalize
resurrect, rise, arise, revive, resuscitate, resurge
dig, scoop, dig out, excavate, scrape out, resurrect
restore (a dead person) to life.
he was dead, but he was resurrected
The applicants in these two cases are certainly not asking to resurrect that argument.
When we first heard about Jonathan Pontell's book, Generation Jones, we dismissed it as yet another attempt to resurrect an old debate.
The gods of the world are having trouble keeping the demons at bay, and so they come up with a last-ditch scheme - to resurrect a dead hero.
This trend is about to produce some even more startling attempts to either resurrect the great TV detectives of the past or to revive interest in some long-running shows.
For the trip inspired him to resurrect the long forgotten ballet Daphnis and Chloe from the Diaghilev repertoire of those heady days.
In consequence of these destructive acts, Enkidu dies, and Gilgamesh is left to wander half-crazed, searching in vain to resurrect his beloved friend.
Now his nation is falling over itself to resurrect its tourist industry.
It is a story of hope, the hope in which we gather, a hope that resurrects and renews our spirits.
In trying to save the kid, Eddie dies, but the medallion resurrects him with a few curious after-effects - he now has superhuman powers and cannot be killed.
The magazine has been in dire trouble before, though, so let's hope it somehow gets resurrected again.