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resurgent / возрождающийся, возродившийся, восставший
имя прилагательное
resurgent, renascent
resurgent, reborn, newborn, recrudescent
insurgent, revolted, in revolt, resurgent
имя прилагательное
increasing or reviving after a period of little activity, popularity, or occurrence.
resurgent nationalism
Successive Mongol invasions of the thirteenth century resulted in a period of relative instability culminating in a strong reaction in the early sixteenth century on the part of a resurgent religious movement - the Safavids.
Whether brand equity and increased sales can be transformed into a resurgent market valuation remains to be seen.
The spots are designed not only to draw in racing enthusiasts, but also to built brand awareness for the resurgent manufacturer, which positions itself on its race-track heritage and Italian design.
A feature of resurgent Estonian nationalism during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has been national song festivals, celebrated for a period of days during the summer.
Rinder notes that the exhibition not only aims to cover artists exploring the freedoms provided by new technologies, but that it also looks to those expressing a resurgent interest in traditional media.
The resurgent Thai cinema is in love with a golden age that never really existed.
And, almost paradoxically, I think that there is a resurgent interest in the craftsmanship of fine book making, partly as a reaction to the fact that there is so much homogenisation in other fields.
As the political darling of the resurgent military nation, Turenne's tomb tacitly reinstated the ‘vainglorious’ funerary monument and the theme of the dying hero in official funerary designs.
At the height of his resurgent fame as a cast member of The West Wing, Rob Lowe fronted an ‘awareness campaign’ for a cancer-related illness called febrile neutropenia.
The change spread especially quickly in the affluent 1920s and in the era of resurgent prosperity during and after the Second World War, when the lingering specter of the Great Depression was banished once and for all.