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resurface / всплывать на поверхность, перекладывать покрытие дороги, покрывать заново
всплывать на поверхность
surface, resurface
перекладывать покрытие дороги
покрывать заново
вновь заасфальтировать
put a new coating on or reform (a surface such as a road, a floor, or ice).
Construction to rebuild and resurface the road has reached Phase Two.
come back up to the surface.
he resurfaced beside the boat
A porcelain and enamel refinisher can resurface them to most any color you want, but it would be a solid color without the marbling.
Once they are within range, they wait for the whale to resurface 20 minutes later, second-guessing its surfacing position.
Martin marched himself round in ever decreasing circles, like he could somehow tunnel himself out from under all his troubles, and resurface someplace where his world wasn't falling apart.
The interactive diary has provided me with images that resurface every time I open a diary I'm studying or writing about.
The crooks face a few setbacks but they soon resurface when the heat dies down.
Steve and I both panicked when he didn't resurface and ran down onto the beach, into the surf after him, only to finally find him laughing at us back on shore.
The second is when Pacino first sees Williams and chases him across a logjam in the river, finally falling into the freezing water and struggling to resurface between the massive logs.
‘But you also need to resurface a traditional driveway occasionally’ she points out.
He suggests tossing it in the sea but Gandalf says it would eventually resurface .
I helped my mother to resurface the kitchen floor