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resume / резюме, итог, сводка
имя существительное
resume, summary, abstract, brief, synopsis, recap
total, result, sum, output, summation, resume
summary, bulletin, brief, resume, press-proof
renew, resume, restart, continue, proceed, revive
continue, go on, proceed, keep on, extend, resume
summarize, recap, sum up, brief, abstract, resume
begin to do or pursue (something) again after a pause or interruption.
a day later normal service was resumed
имя существительное
a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application.
a summary.
I gave him a quick résumé of events
Can I list these awards on my resume even though technically I did not win them?
the service will resume on Monday
the two sides are to resume talks
She sat in the seat next to him, disappointed there weren't any pairs of empty seats left so she could resume her position next to Steven.
we'll resume tomorrow morning
I had scarcely taken in which was land and which was water, much less the significance of the buoy, when he resumed : 'Never mind; I'm pretty sure it's all deep water about here.’
Most of this cost includes faculty and administrative time to review resumes , interview the candidate, attend seminars, and entice the candidate to accept the position.
I read stacks of resumes , spent several hours on the phone screening candidates, and spent several hours in interviews with the people who did well in the phone screenings.
It's an unfortunate fact that many candidates lie, distort or in some way fabricate information on resumes and applications.
These users then follow preferred procedures to search resumes , such as specifying broad search criteria, and narrowing the criteria.