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result / результат, следствие, итог
имя существительное
result, outcome, effect, output, product, fruit
investigation, consequence, result, effect, consequent, inquiry
total, result, sum, output, summation, amount
follow, abide by, result, steer, ensue, behoove
arise, result, flow, emanate, accrue
finish, end, result, stop, run out, terminate
имя существительное
a consequence, effect, or outcome of something.
the tower collapsed as a result of safety violations
occur or follow as the consequence of something.
government unpopularity resulting from the state of the economy
Utilities expanding into home services insurance provision have had success as a result of realizing this opportunity.
In the meantime, the company has over £203m in the bank as a result of two successful fundraisings during the year.
Soft tissue injuries are usually the result of a motion type injury.
the tower collapsed as a result of safety violations
As a result of product life cycle coming into play, prices have decreased significantly in these technologies.
Consequently no charges will be forthcoming as a result of the investigation.
Finally, the company was most concerned about losses it anticipated as a result of the termination of contracts as the war ran down.
the tower collapsed as a result of safety violations
She also had a set of worn down glasses, its lenses cracked as a result of successive collisions with the ground.
if we can get a result in that game we might qualify