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restructure / реструктурировать, реорганизовывать
reorganize, restructure, rejig, reorganise
organize differently.
a plan to strengthen and restructure the department
a plan to strengthen and restructure the EC
Some individuals can buy and sell elements of an organization or otherwise restructure them, for example, and hire and fire individuals.
The company says it has ‘launched a consultation process with staff to restructure the organisation’.
Libraries, too, have experienced fiscal challenges that have forced them to downsize and restructure their organizations.
‘And we appointed an interim board to restructure the conference,’ she said.
a plan to strengthen and restructure the department
They urge, not that inquirers insulate themselves from social influences, but that they restructure scientific practices to be open to different social influences.
shareholders and creditors agreed to restructure debts and payment schedules
It is believed that the company's bankers have insisted that it urgently restructure its debt as a condition for securing their continuing support.
Instead of filing for bankruptcy, you should consider contacting a credit counseling service that may be able to help you pay off or restructure your debts without resorting to bankruptcy.