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restrictive / ограничительный, сдерживающий, запрещающий
имя прилагательное
restrictive, limiting, restraining, binding, limitary
deterrent, staying, retaining, restrictive, binding, refraining
prohibiting, prohibitory, inhibitory, prohibitive, restrictive, interdictory
имя прилагательное
imposing restrictions or limitations on someone's activities or freedom.
a web of restrictive regulations
(of a relative clause or descriptive phrase) serving to specify the particular instance or instances being mentioned.
The problem is that few people have followed these rules systematically, and you can find lots of examples where the relative pronoun which is used to start a restrictive clause.
This means that we have restrictive choice at the point of sale.
Some European institutions, like the British Museum, were originally very restrictive , requiring references and allowing only gentlemen to visit.
The Credit Union Act 1997 regulates the operation of credit unions and is highly restrictive in terms of how credit unions can operate.
Many of the funds limit investments to only a few choices, which can be restrictive as a hands-on approach to investment management.
Evidence of greater activity at a roadside cross may be a result of restrictive cemetery policy.
Glancing over at the table laden with food, Miranda spied a favorite treat of hers, and she hurried over as quickly as her restrictive skirt would allow her.
The solution is to have a risk management system in place, where restrictive measures are put in place commensurate with risk level of a particular substance.
Optimistically we can hope that these sorts of regulations will be less restrictive in the future.
The modular plan, the most restrictive , offers employees a limited number of fixed benefit sets.
Personal freedom might not involve stepping out of a restrictive environment, but could lie in accepting where you naturally belong.