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restore / восстанавливать, реставрировать, возобновить
restore, recover, recuperate, repair, reconstruct, regain
restore, renew
renew, reopen, restore, recommence, take up the thread, resume the thread
bring back (a previous right, practice, custom, or situation); reinstate.
the government restored confidence in the housing market
By the time he died, the English ruling class was ready to do almost anything to restore the monarchy, and Charles II returned to England in 1660.
the effort to restore him to office isn't working
These elements, along with the reception desk and bench seats were important in helping to restore the building's architectural character.
the government will restore land and property to those who lost it through confiscation
In response Thieme said wheels have been set in motion to restore the situation.
Nicholas then decided to return to Petrograd to restore law and order.
A faceted fibreglass canopy shades the roof deck of the garage, and the owners are working to restore the house that Goff remodelled for them just before his death.
Data Availability becomes an issue when it takes hours to restore a lost/deleted file from an on-site backup tape.
The architects renovated the entire exterior and tried to restore the building's initial appearance.
In 1052 Godwin's family engineered a successful return, forcing the king to restore their land and titles.