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restorative / тонизирующий, укрепляющий
имя прилагательное
tonic, restorative
strengthening, restorative, tonic, fortifying, alterative, recuperative
имя существительное
тонизирующее средство
tonic, restorative, bracer, corroborant
укрепляющее средство
tonic, restorative, roborant, corroborant, invigorant
средство для приведения в сознание
имя прилагательное
having the ability to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well-being.
the restorative power of long walks
имя существительное
something, especially a medicine or drink, that restores health, strength, or well-being.
In small doses it serves as a stimulant for the entire digestive tract, associating it with bitter tonics, or other restoratives .
You know it's been a long, strange evening of dance when the sight of people jogging, playing ball, or even dozing in Riverside Park the next morning comes as a sudden, overwhelming restorative .
Thus rampant national inflation generates uncompetitive firms, lost export and home markets, trade deficits and an eventual restorative plunge in the currency.
Curated by John Beardsley, it took the garden as a model for public art and presented work that focused on the restorative properties of nature and the region's garden tradition.
All the visible new and restorative work - to both the tensile structure and the landscape - honours and generously contributes to the original structure of the Kings Domain parklands.
Simple displays that emphasise the activities of the household, such as an armoire stacked with an assortment of crockery, can be used to provide a restorative background.
They are believed to be the last remaining early 20 th-century Tennessee mountain resort buildings and are in danger of literally crumbling without restorative action.
The less we spend on conspicuous consumption goods, the better we can afford to alleviate congestion; and the more time we can devote to family and friends, to exercise, sleep, travel, and other restorative activities.
Among very few references to specific wines, the treasured South African Constantia is considered a suitable restorative for a young lady in Sense and Sensibility.
The extensive range of services are inspired by restorative treatments, holistic therapies, healing rituals, organic products and native remedies found in Baja and around the world.
It alternates the physical thrills of a long, bouncy roller coaster ride with the restorative pleasure of getting drenched on a melting hot day.