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restock / пополнять запасы
пополнять запасы
replenish (a store) with fresh stock or supplies.
work began at once to restock the fishery
With this technique, known as micropropagation, forest-product companies can restock plantations with millions of genetically identical tree plantlets.
Farmers harvest the full-grown fish and restock the ponds with more fingerlings, meaning that several different ages of catfish are present in a pond at any one time.
Some disruption was expected in the months after the bankruptcy filing as the retailer scrambled to restock its shelves.
Winter is also a good time to reorganize and restock your gardening supplies.
After they're waylaid by a violent storm, the men are forced to go into a town to restock their supplies.
work began at once to restock the fishery
work began at once to restock the fishery
As businesses seek to restock inventory as well as meet new demand, factory production will speed up, creating new jobs, more profits, and bigger wage and salary increases.
Manufacturers are benefiting especially from the efforts of companies to restock inventories to levels that are better in line with the pickup in demand that began last year.
Production, sales, and payrolls will also get a lift from businesses' efforts to restock their current inadequate levels of inventories.