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restive / беспокойный, норовистый, своенравный
имя прилагательное
restless, troubled, troublesome, hectic, anxious, restive
restive, rogue, skittish, balky, vicious, rusty
wayward, capricious, willful, restive, crotchety, nasty
имя прилагательное
(of a person) unable to keep still or silent and becoming increasingly difficult to control, especially because of impatience, dissatisfaction, or boredom.
No, the workers were not restive , nor were pickets lining up outside.
Raphael heard Charmian's restive breathing, and a tear slid down his nose onto the furs he rested his head on.
All of this has the capacity to further inflame already restive populations in the region.
A deep silence settled upon his chest, his eyes dilated, his breathing became sporadic and restive .
Curators have always had to steer (in a timely fashion) between the demands of the general audience and those of restive academics.
Discontented with the lack of political rights, government corruption, and economic hardship, the country became increasingly restive during the 1980s, erupting into violent ethnic confrontations in 1992.
No, the workers were not restive , nor were pickets lining up outside.
Unions are growing restive , demanding a bigger slice of the pie - which could spark disruptive strikes if they don't get it.
Here is an impoverished country with a restive population demanding improvements to their lives.
Consumers have become increasingly restive about the absence of any legislative guarantee that anything of value will be returned to society as reimbursement for the monopoly rights they have ceded.
The Filipinos were restive under the Spanish, and this long period was marked by numerous uprisings.