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restate / вновь заявить, формулировать иначе
вновь заявить
формулировать иначе
state (something) again or differently, especially in order to correct or to make more clear or convincing.
he restated his opposition to abortion
Clearly, we must restate our conditions to take explicit account of the ways and methods of arriving at belief.
It merely restated the recommendations of the plan and said that all sectors would have to play their part.
George Orwell wrote: ‘We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of civilized men.’
But he restated his interest in any other smaller distilleries that could come on to the market.
Therefore restating the case for growth is a central part of arguing for the power of humanity to create a better world.
Then, instead of attempting to refute it directly, he restates it in significantly different language, setting it in other contexts and suggesting other attitudes or factors that might modify it.
Investors are nervous about corporate earnings being reported and possible restatements , and also nervous about the strength of the economy.
He knew how we were feeling, and he'd been with us long enough to know that we understood the gravity of such a loss without him restating it for us.
However, the Ministry of Defence gave no indication about when troops might withdraw, restating its commitment to ‘continue until the job is done’.
It goes on and the clear points are restated clearly, but I won't trouble you with resummarizing them.