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response / ответ, реакция, отклик
имя существительное
answer, reply, response, return, replication, rejoinder
reaction, response, test, anticlimax, answer
response, respond, rebound
имя существительное
a verbal or written answer.
without waiting for a response, she returned to her newspaper
an extended, jazzy piano solo drew the biggest response from the crowd
In response to my request for more information about Schumann resonances Neil explained them as follows.
In response to the plight of the two families, a former parish councillor is asking people to help them out by sending donations.
In response to the proposal to ban our organisation, we have held face to face meetings with leading groups and personalities.
He was happy that his marathon performance had evoked a very positive response from the audience.
response to the psalm
Bidding the negative 2 Diamonds response enables your partner to go some way towards knowing if there are thirty-two points in your combined hands.
Even without a verbal response he could tell that his guess had been right.
The show has provoked an emotional response from audiences everywhere it has been staged.
In response to reports of the collision, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service sent units from as far away as 35 miles.