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respondent / ответчик
имя существительное
respondent, defendant, answerer, accountant, indicted, libellee
имя прилагательное
reactive, respondent
responsive, kind-hearted, outgoing, understanding, softhearted, respondent
имя прилагательное
in the position of defendant in a lawsuit.
the respondent defendant
replying to something, especially a survey or questionnaire.
the respondent firms in the survey
involving or denoting a response, especially a conditioned reflex, to a specific stimulus.
The results demonstrated that the sociality of a situation potentiates respondent laughter.
имя существительное
a defendant in a lawsuit, especially one in an appeals or divorce case.
Very well, and these other affidavits, I take it, are affidavits filed by the respondent .
a person who replies to something, especially one supplying information for a survey or questionnaire or responding to an advertisement.
Always be clear about how you want respondents to indicate their replies when answering closed questions.
It was submitted by Counsel for the respondent party that not to decide a matter referred to him for his decision amounted to giving a decision in excess of the jurisdiction of the adjudicator.
Now, of course, none of the respondent defendants were parties to that action.
Suppose a student cannot correctly state the distinction between operant and respondent behavior but can shape the lever press.
Each respondent then dropped the questionnaire into the store's ballot box.
The unequal sample sizes in the four respondent groups were noted.
The kind of behavior that is correlated with specific eliciting stimuli may be called respondent behavior, and a given correlation a respondent.
Analysis included comparison between and within respondent groups.
With the information thereby obtained, a main respondent was designated, who then completed a household questionnaire.
What are the primary learning needs of fathers from the perspective of both respondent groups?
The results demonstrated that the sociality of a situation potentiates respondent laughter.