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respond / реагировать, отвечать, удовлетворять
respond, react, answer, take
answer, respond, reply, account, return, account for
satisfy, meet, fulfill, respond, serve, gratify
имя существительное
response, respond, rebound
say something in reply.
she could not get Robert to respond to her words
имя существительное
a half-pillar or half-pier attached to a wall to support an arch, especially at the end of an arcade.
The E and W responds of both nave arcades are Romanesque.
(in church use) a responsory; a response to a versicle.
This small Respond is written by Lassus for 4 voices.
Thirty percent of the patients appeared to respond positively to this treatment intervention.
I was determined to remain a disinterested, objective observer in order to respond to student questions or problems.
My ability to read and respond to replies will be limited until next week, but feel free to send them along.
If it occurs it will respond quickly to local treatment.
how did the school respond when the pupils broke the rules?
If your partner doubles in second seat, you must respond if your RHO passes.
I try to respond to each comment I receive, no matter how much it might upset me.
We would like to take this opportunity to respond to the commentary with more explication of the content of the papers themselves.
Tess opened her mouth to respond to his last comment, but he stopped her by grabbing her shoulder.
his back injury has failed to respond to treatment