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respiration / дыхание, вдох и выдох
имя существительное
breath, breathing, respiration, wind, blowing, halitus
вдох и выдох
имя существительное
the action of breathing.
opiates affect respiration
First, and most obvious, there is the role of respiration in energy metabolism.
opiates affect respiration
Root respiration provides metabolic energy for growth and maintenance of root biomass and for ion transport.
Oxygen free radicals in root cells would be formed in the process of root respiration in the mitochondria and the oxidation of secondary metabolites such as soluble phenols.
In mammals, external respiration - the ventilation of the lungs - is achieved by breathing, the mechanical basis of respiration : the terms are sometimes used synonymously.
opiates affect respiration
The effects of sleep on respiration include changes in central respiratory control, airways resistance, and muscular contractility.
Every aspect of life depends on muscular activity, whether it be speech, eating and digestion, respiration , all expressions of brain function.
Participants were children aged 2-59 months with complaints of cough, rapid respiration , or difficulty in breathing.
Lipids provide material for respiration and energy production, and serve as vitamins, hormones and structural components of biological membranes.