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respectively / соответственно, в указанном порядке
respectively, accordingly, adequately, relatively, thereafter, agreeably
в указанном порядке
separately or individually and in the order already mentioned (used when enumerating two or more items or facts that refer back to a previous statement).
they received sentences of one year and eight months, respectively
Both have been working their way back to full fitness after being out with injury and illness respectively .
We now have before us a skeletal account of the way in which sexism and racism construe women and blacks, respectively .
The drawing room and dining room lie to the left of the hallway and look onto the front and rear respectively .
These positions are frequently referred to respectively as objectivism and constructionism.
These score eight and seven out of 10 respectively in terms of adding value to an existing home.
Promotion and relegation respectively appear to be the future for these squads.
Two boys in the car, aged eight and three, sustained minor head and neck injuries respectively .
The dose-finding and main assays were conducted using one plate and two plates, respectively .
they received sentences of one year and eight months respectively
The two new products will be linked to endowment and pension plans respectively .