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respectability / респектабельность, почтенность, светские приличия
имя существительное
respectability, presentability
respectability, venerability
светские приличия
имя существительное
the state or quality of being proper, correct, and socially acceptable.
provincial notions of respectability
provincial notions of respectability
He had brought nobility and respectability to the British stage.
In our family, integrity is there, respectability also.
scientific respectability
They spend their fortune trying to gain social respectability .
The social respectability of science attracted the patronage of wealthy and influential figures.
They were well aware that, in order to retain social respectability , their sexual behaviour had to be beyond reproach.
For a long time, the capital of Victoria seemed to be the seat of provincial respectability .
His take on the respectability of SETI in the scientific community is unduly pessimistic.
It describes the way the lower castes tend to imitate the customs and rituals of the upper layers in order to gain social respectability .