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resounding / звучный, потрясающий, гулкий
имя прилагательное
sonorous, resounding, loud, resonant, sounding, ringing
tremendous, terrific, shocking, startling, incredible, resounding
echoing, resounding, hollow, loud
имя прилагательное
(of a sound) loud enough to reverberate.
a resounding smack across the face
unmistakable; emphatic.
the evening was a resounding success
(of a sound, voice, etc.) fill a place with sound; be loud enough to echo.
another scream resounded through the school
sing (the praises) of.
Horace resounds the praises of Italy
At no stage did anything other than a resounding victory for Stradbally suggest itself.
Most of the kids were alert by now, awakened by the resounding thumps.
No sooner had my son got his new ‘urban street scooter’ out of the box than I was crashing into the metal garden gate with a resounding clang.
And then she heard the resounding sound of metal against metal.
If the collaboration was designed as an experiment, it was a resounding success.
The aim of the show is to present independent, mature artists working in contemporary movement and world dance forms to the wider public and the last two shows have been a resounding success.
Held at the Auction Mart, the event has been hailed a resounding success.
It banged against the wall with a resounding thud that echoed through the ship.
We won a great victory with the resounding defeat of the proposed amendment.
Her practicality wrestled with pride for a few more minutes before scoring a resounding victory.